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SkinCare products

Here at Karen About You we want to bring balance to your skin. We supply skincare products of all kinds, depending on your skin's unique needs. Not sure which product you need? Contact us and set up a professional consultation and we can walk you through every step of the product picking process.


For Healthy Skin:

Skintelligence® is an all-inclusive botanical skincare line with natural extracts that soothes the skin, giving the appearance of a healthy, vibrant tone!

This line is great for all skin types!

For Radiant Skin:

Lumiere De Vie Paris promotes a revitalized radiance, improved clarity and younger-looking skin. Our Needle Free Serum is one of the most popular products giving the appearance of getting Botox without the injections.  This line is fabulous.

For Acne Prone Skin:

Clear acne blemishes and allow skin to heal with The Timeless Prescription 3 Step Acne Care System. Uses a breakthrough time-released benzoyl peroxide formula. 


For Anti-Aging:

Anti-aging skin care starts from the inside out. Cellular Laboratories is a revolutionary anti-aging skin care line designed to support your skin on the cellular level, not just mask the signs of aging. Cellular Laboratories is designed using clinically tested and proven ingredients like Renovage® and Lumiskin® to help you look as young as you feel.


Motives Cosmetics

Motives by Loren Ridinger is a trusted name in makeup, skin care, and body care.  Karen and her team  can offer makeup parties to individual makeup purchases and our ever popular Custom Blend foundation.  Our Custom Blends are foundations with skincare wrapped in one amazing duo!




Isotonix Supplemental nutrtion offers the World's best delivery system which is Isotonic, or "the same as" meaning it surpasses your digestive tract and is absorbed within five minutes of consumption as opposed to a vitamin that will sit in your stomach for days upon weeks or longer.




Weight loss supplements + Programs

It’s a simple fact that repeating the same actions will deliver the same results. If you do what you’ve always done, you’re going to get where you’ve always gotten — for a lot of frustrated people, that’s nowhere. For any weight loss program to succeed, change must occur. Change usually requires you to overcome fear. Once you do, your life changes for the better. TLS Weight Loss Solution makes it a point to address this very important aspect of success to ensure past mistakes are not repeated.