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Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions are an exciting new service for creating longer, thicker, curlier, more abundant eyelashes. Lashes are extended through professionals who will apply synthetic eyelashes directly onto your own natural eyelashes, one lash at a time. Various lengths, curls, thicknesses and colors are available for a customized look that tailors to your specific need and style.

Price: $150 full set and $50 fills



Serenity Facial

A non peeling facial perfect for bringing your skin back to life. Enjoy a deep cleansing, manual exfoliation, and custom mask to revitalize your skin, and the perfect moisturizer for your skin type. Cleans, rebalances, nourishes and protects your skin. Includes a face and Décolleté massage. 

We analyze your skin, tailor your treatment to meet your specific skin needs, and show you how to maintain your results at home by taking proper care of your skin. 

Price: 60 minutes = $70



Chemical peel

Enhance your treatment by utilizing this deeper exfoliation with longer term results. This facial will provide a multitude of vitamins, free radical fighting agents and antioxidants to your skin.  The active ingredients result in a more refine smooth texture that will promote anti aging benefits to keep your skin looking and feeling younger.  This treatment takes less than an hour. 

Price: $90




Laser Liposuction

Unwanted and stubborn fat on your neck, chin, and arms is causing you to become dissatisfied and self-conscious? Laser Liposuction may be the procedure for you!

Consolation required before booking.

One area of a 14 session series is $650 while two areas are $1200



Back Massage

A concentrated  neck, shoulder and back massage focused on realigning muscles to their natural equilibrium and promote healing. Getting a regular massage doesn't just make you feel good - it's actually proven to boost your immune system, reduce your stress hormone production and make you happier. 

Price: 60 minutes = $65



Laser Hair Removal (Permanent)

No more bumps, stubble, or irritation.  Leaves you looking fabulous - all the time.  Your personalized treatment plan is designed by a trained medicalprofessional to remove hair from any skin type, complexion or body part. 

Prices $40 - $100 per session.
Number of sessions vary depending on hair type and coverage.



Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening package with blue light technology! 16% hydrogen peroxide professional treatment and a whitening foam included for maintenance!

Package = $150
(Includes 3-4 sessions of 15-20 minutes each. All done in a single day)



Skin Tightening  Laser Therapy (ST)

Skin tightening effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin for a smoother and more youthful appearance.  A series of 6 sessions are recommended for optimal results.

Price: $100 per session.
Number of sessions vary depending on skin type.




Remove unwanted hair by epilation using wax on any part of the body. Prices are as follows:

  • Underarms: $20

  • Eye Brows: $15

  • Lip/Chin: $10 each

  • Bikini Men/Women: $55

  • Back Wax: $55

  • Full Leg Wax: $85

  • Half Leg Wax: $45



Detoxifying body wrap

Detoxify, slim, tighten, and tone the skin.  It is an all naturally based body contouring formula that tightens, tones, firms, minimizes the appearance of cellulite, improves skin texture, and you see results in as little as 45 minutes.

Single Session: 60 minutes = $95



Salt Scrub 

Exfoliating dead skin cells, leaving fresh skin behind and nourishing that skin with herbal ingredients as well as encouraging the detox process and stimulating the system both internally and externally and relaxing muscles. Includes: A full body dry brush followed by a salt scrub and light massage. Hot towel application and lotion application to finish.

Hands = $15
Feet = $20




Encourages the production of collagen, treats acne scarring, eliminates pigmentation spots, rejuvenates the skin, and removes wrinkles.

1 Session = $150
3 Sessions = $399
6 Sessions = $750